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By train: Coming from the main railway station in Bingen please follow the railway bridge to the sign Bingerbrück, take a left and follow that path about hundred meters. As soon as you will find on your left hand side a small square, this is where you will see our „Hotel Römerhof“.

Or option two:

You leave the main railway station in Bingen, pass the taxi parking about 200 meters, then take a right. Here is where you will find a little shopping market (Netto). Please follow that road up 300 meters almost to the next traffic light and you will find „Hotel Römerhof“ on your left hand side.

By car: Take Autobahn „A61“ - Exit the sign Bingen-Mitte - Follow to Bingerbrück - Take a right at the first traffic light - The „Hotel Römerhof“ will be at your right hand side.

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